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fiber one. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals. uh, forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? uh, try the number one! i've never heard of that. [ wife ] it's great. it's a sweet honey cereal, you'll love it. yeah, this is pretty good. are you guys alright? yeah. [ male announcer ] half a days worth of fiber. not that anyone has to know. fiber beyond recognition. fiber one. in the heart of adams morgan with the crowd egging them on and camera phones everywhere,
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two men start fighting in the street. one of the guys is a d.c. cop. good saturday. i'm craig melvin. in this age of cell phone camera and youtube, it seems like there's a record of everything. when a fight broke out at adams morgan last month someone was rolling. this fight is getting a lot of play because down of the guys is a d.c. cop. >> hundreds of thousands of people have watched that video online. some are questioning the officer's actions but we talked to one bartender down here who knows the cap and he's taking his side. this video of a d.c. police officer taking down a man in adams morgan has gone viral on the internet. more than 300,000 people have watched it. it shows a man in a white tank top circling police officers in a crowd, egging on a fight. at one point the officer appears
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to take a fighting stance and then tackles the man as the crowd goes wild. house member jim graham represents adams morgan and he says he does not fault the officers who were being taunted but he has asked the d.c. police to look into the incident. >> we can either reduce the night live or we can increase the police or we can do both. but something has got to be done differently. >> this man who didn't want to be identified said he saw the end of the the june 19th fight here on 18th street at belmont road. he doesn't give police a pass on how they handled the taunting suspect. >> i guess, the law enforcement, you're supposed to be above it all. there's no reason why an officer should square up with somebody. you see? regardless, they get taunted every single day. they should be used it to. there's no reason why an officer should square up and put his hands up in a fighting position. >> johnny is a bartender and says he knows the officer at the
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center of the fight and said he's one of the best cops in adams morgan. >> he has to protect himself and everyone around him. if someone is causing trouble and someone is harassing people and he's about to run at him or do anything to hurt him, he has to do what he has to do. >> d.c. police issued a brief statement tonight saying -- regarding the video we're aware of it. this matter is under investigation. we cannot comment further at this time. i was able to talk to officers who work the beat here and they say they could use the assistance of about 15 more cops down here on busy nights to handle all the crowds, reporting live, darcy spencer, news4, back to you. >> thank you, darcy. talks between the white house and congress, over a deal to cut the deficit by $4 trillion and raise the debt sealing hit a snag. president and john boehner talked about going big to reduce
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the national deficit. tonight, house speaker boehner said cutting the debt by $2 trillion is more likely, he says the gop cannot go along with the tax hikes the white house wants for a larger deal. congressional leaders are scheduled to meet tomorrow at the white house to try to broker some type of compromise. she was the first lady but also a beloved member of her alexandria, virginia, community. today, former neighbors of betty ford reflect on her life. she lived with her husband in alexandria while he served in congress. the home has undergone some changes but the couple left their mark. betty's beloved flowers and family pictures remain. neighbors say she still kept in touch. >> she passed through and she wanted to know how her chameleon bushes were doing. >> she was very active as a
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parent in the lives of her children and their education. was always at the school. a real pta mom. >> betty ford died friday from natural causes. she was 93. a funeral is set for tuesday in california and wednesday in michigan. she will be buried on thursday next to her husband, the late president gerald ford. two incidents sent fighter planes scrambling to camp david. twice called in to escort planes that flew over the restricted airspace there. the first incident happened this afternoon and the second incident just before 7:00 this evening. both occasions involved small civilian planes. the planes landed without a problem. the same thing happened last saturday. president obama was at the presidential retreat during all three incidents. tonight, police have identified two men shot to death in the middle of a colombia heights neighborhood this morning. a third man is in grave condition tonight. it happened on parkwood place,
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just off 14th street northwest. jimmie simmons and 31-year-old dominique barber died. sources tell us that gambling might have sparked the shooting. >> i heard the shots. i got on the floor you hit the floor. it's like we're living in a third world country so you have to learn how to protect zbloours neighbors say there's been a recent spike in crime in that neighborhood and some are asking for more of a police presence there, especially during the late-night early-morning hours. peace was the message at the capitol today, not from lawmakers but from the dalai lama. the tibetan spiritual leader addressed a crowd on the wes lawn and said the key to world peace is fining inner peace within ourselves. he met with u.s. lawmakers and later, china warned american officials not to hold talks with him and claim the dalai lama
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supports violence for an independent tibet. the royal couple is charming the rich and famous in southern california. prince william and his new bride, kate, are visiting the united states for three days. today's itinerary was a high-dollar charity polo match. >> a royal visit to tinseltown wouldn't be complete w0u9 a walk down the red carpet and tonight, some of the biggest names turned out. >> we're very grateful they've come here. >> by far to be the most glamorous event of their visit they hosted the british academy of film and television arts, "brits to watch" were up-and-coming british talent are introduced to hollywood's movers and shakers. >> it's a great event. it's's everybody's dream to get to meet will and kate. >> they were helicoptered into the town of santa barbara where the prince showed off his riding
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chops during a polo match that raised money for his family's charities. >> this helps young 350e78 to find purpose in life, it's a key element to the foundation that catherine, harry and i have established. >> the stars were shining there too as celebrity chef prepared a $4,000 a plate luncheon that included the couple's favorite foods. >> i think princess diana would be who they are and how they represent themselves. >> so far, kate hadn't made any public remarks. that could change tomorrow when she makes two more appearances in l.a. an iraq war veteran died on an amusement park roller coast jeer and the end of a tabloid staple. inside that final edition of "news of the world." and super bowl and "dancing
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with the stars" champ, hines ward arrested for dui. and in sports, nats get defense. what about offense? what about the weather, chuck bell? >> we had a nice break from the humidity. i can tell you what, the summer stickies are coming back and [ female announcer ] keurig brews more than just hot coffee. now you can brew over ice for delicious iced coffee or tea. hot or cold, keurig is the way to brew everyone's favorite cup in under a minute. choose. brew. enjoy. keurig.
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an iraq war veteran was killed yesterday an at an upstate new york amusement park. sergeant james hackerman fell off of the roller coaster. he served two tours of duty in iraq and lost his legs in a
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roadside bomb. the roller coaster is more than 200 feet tall and reaches speeds of 7 0e miles per hour. two ride of steel coasters. the other one is at six flags america in largo. thank you and good-bye. that's the front page headline for tomorrow's "news of the world" tabloid in britain. the paper is shutting down after 168 years in business. police are investigation reports that employees of the paper hacked into the voice mail of celebrities, the royal family, murder victims and even dead british soldiers. rupert murdoch owns the tabloid and is reportedly flying to london tomorrow to deal with the is scandal. a marine with a crush and a whole lot of guts. >> sergeant moore, you can call me scott. >> you can call me scott. that guy is not settling. he
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lawyer for steelers wide receiver, hines ward, said his client was no knot drunk when he was pulled over and charged with dui. he was stopped before 4:00 a.m. in decatur, georgia. the "dancing with the stars" champ says his client is sorry for the, quote, distraction this incidents is causing and the attorney added that hines ward is cooperating fully with the investigation. actress mila probably gets invited to lots of fancy events. that did not deter one marine in afghanistan from asking her out. >> i'm sergeant moore, but you can call me scott.
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i wanted to take a moment out of my day to invite you to the ball in greenville, north carolina. take a second, think about it and get back to me. >> 90,000 people have seen that video since sergeant moore posted it on tuesday. no word yet on whether she's seen the invitation or whether she'll attend. >> she should go. >> she should. >> she has 90,000 instant fans. >> they'll probably go viral so it will be close to a million tomorrow. >> he might not be an officer but he's obviously a gentlemen. >> what the word? rain? it was on the warm side. we made it to 92 today but the dew point is, the real way it feels from a moisture standpoint in the atmosphere, the due point dropped down into the comfortable 50s this afternoon and that made all the difference. it will make the same amount of difference tomorrow. you need to get outside and enjoy your sunday because we all know if it's washington and it's
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the summertime, humidity cannot be gone for too long and it will be back and i mean soon. outside, on a beautiful saturday night here in the nation's capitol we have a few fair-weather clouds drifting by. temperatures are warm thanks to the hot day. 81, the current temperature. dew point is have sneaked back up. they were in the upper 50s a few hours ago. once the sun goes down and the atmosphere starts to settle a bit the moisture tends to pool up a little bit. and national airport, on the potomac river. 72 in sterling, virginia. 72 in winchester. martinsburg at 73 degrees. 76 in clinton, maryland. relatively warm up and down the eastern seaboard right now. look how cloudy-free the skies are. nothing to worry about from a weather perspective. no rain within hundreds of miles of us. all the humidity has been blown down to the south and southeast. thanks to the sprawling area of high pressure. that remains in control of our
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weather through the day tomorrow and through most of the day on monday as well. as we get toward the second half of the day on monday, tomorrow night at 8:00, on our few and as this front starts to lift back to the north it will bring the heat and humidity with it. they can spark off an occasional shower or rumble or two of showers. could get a storm late monday night. best rain chances remain on tuesday. when you start off your sunday morning, clear skies and pleasant. sun's up at 5:5 2 in the morning. tomorrow in the afternoon, sunny and hot like today but just like today, less humidity than we've become accustomed to. wonderful weather at the beach for tomorrow and monday. a couple of clouds around. nothing serious. here's our extended forecast. 93 tomorrow without the
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humidity. 96 on monday with the humidity back. 95 tuesday, with all the humidity you can stomach in the middle of summertime around here. it comes to an end and then we clear out and have relatively quiet, tranquil and comfortable humidity for next weekend. you can get the forecast at or twitter, chuck bell 4. >> what was the slash again? it. >>'s more of a video effect. still ahead here on news4 at 11:00, d.c. united's newest 11:00, d.c[ man ] i gotwest this new citi thankyou card and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points?
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the ranges of major league baseball managers are quite incestuous. a lot of friendships and a lot of good-ol' boys good times from back in the day. former nats' manager will interview with the san francisco giants at the end of the next week. tonight i spoke with the agent and he wouldn't say if the position was for coaching or front office. rigleman and giants manager, bruce bochy are ferentz going back to the san diego padres. tonight the nationals taking on the rockies it's pups in the park night and you know, dogs love baseball. we start, top of the fourth. up in the zone. helton he gives the dog's a new chew toy out there in right field. rockies take a 1-0 lead. bottom of the fifth, 2-0, colorado. ubaldo jimenez. true tulowitzki makes a nice
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play. take a closer look. mark ellis, not even close to second base. that's the old neighborhood play. come on! >> oh, no. >> that's what i said when i was watching it. double play. top of the eighth, 2-1, rockies. laynce nix diving catch. davey johnson says -- way to go, laynce. he grounds one to short and it's a game-ending double play and werth went 0 for 3. the thats have lost three in a row, 50e67 by one run. davey johnson describes it like this. >> i'm getting real close but i'm not getting to the ceremony. we just didn't get it done and we'll get it done sooner or later. >> all righty. in new york, future hall of
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famer derrick jeter making history. tampa bay david price, jeter hits one to the left. a solo home run, career hit number 3,000. this was his first at yankee stadium. jeter's family including his dad, dr. jeter, celebrated in the suite. the 37-year-old jeter also drove in the game-winning run and finish 5 for 5. yankees defeat the race, 5-4. and the second player to have five hits on the same day he reached a milestone. he's the captain on his big day in the bronx. >> i've been lying to you guys this whole time. i had a lot of pressure on me these few days here in new york. after i got the first hit i relaxed a little bit. but its i it's something that i never thought, you know, was possible. i wasn't trying to do it. i try to come out and play hard and if you do that, i guess good things happen. >> what does this sound like.
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>> it's a lot of fun. >> pretty cool. derrick jeter, the first yankee with 3,000 hition and the 28th player in history to reach that milestone. in boston, red sox versus the orioles. the os intentionally walk david ortiz and he lines adrian gonzalez and kevin youkilis come down and boston shuts out baltimore, 4-0. the os have lost six in a row. d.c. united on the road against the new york red bulls where all star midfielder dwyane rosario was facing his former team for the first time since being traded two weeks ago. riding a five-game winless streak he was trying to give his new club a shot of energy at red bull arena. his anymore nation is d-ro. coach ben olson calls him the best player in the game right now. charlie davies gets past the
11:26 pm
keeper. defender makes the save so close pl scoreless at halftime. second half, 61st minute. rosario lets it go. and then josh wolf, perfect chip and rosario scores with his left foot. his first goal with the black and red. d.c. united beats red bulls 1-0. the john deere classic. steve marino started with second played. on 18 putting for birdie it looks like it might go in but it shots past the hole. 2 over 73. 10 back of the leader. steve stricker, on 10, chipping on to the green. beautiful shot. right at the hole and misses for eagle and leaves that for birdie. he has a streak of 38 straight
11:27 pm
holes without a bogey. his streak rolls to 39. he shoots a 8 under 63. the leader by two streaks at the 2 under par. he played for ever vanston, wisconsin. >> i can't believe they missed that call at second base. >> that's shameful. >> the nats could have won the game. >> you're right. >> it's that close sometimes. >> that's it. that's all. snl is next. tina fey is hosting. see you tomorrow. until then, that's the news! ♪
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next on c-span, earlier today the pentagon released a tape seized in sunday's raid in pakistan, purported to be osama bin laden's last will and testament. the tape runs about three minutes. [ cheers and applause ] >> translator: allah be praised. i, osama bin laden, being at

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